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The X05 Book Store is a first generation store concept which integrated many technologies into design which had not been used for
front of the house Customer Experiences.  The concept was to bring a technological element to the shopper that would create seamless and user friendly way to learn, find and purchase products with a touch of a finger.

Aside from the many tech supports scenarios, central to this project was RFID (radio frequency identity) technology.  This application was  put to use in merchandising table and smart shelf withi
n architectural book shelf units.  This enabled these customers to pick up a product and find a wealth of information like color, price, in stock and out of stock items, and purchasing capabilities.

Hybridia Design humanized these technologies from IBM, Cisco Systems, Symbol, Microsoft and more by developing the architectural components in an organic language.  Textures in floors, walls and counters were a mix that appealed to our natural senses.  Book tables not only held literary merchandise, but also brought nature and whimsy to the fore, by placing river rock ponds on each.  These sensory elements touch the emotional aspect of our psyche's and provide a sense of calm.

LED lighting was integrated throughout  from counters to shelves to manniquin alcoves.  This lent itself to a very theatrical environment.  Mosaic floors helped channel the customers navigation through the space.  Music brought the audio component into the equations, which further escalates the experience.

NBC's Phil Lempert had done a one hour documentary on this Future Store along with many other media outlets. 
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