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Retail Design, Visual Merchandising, Store Design
and Conceptual Design Development

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Sonic Bar is about ultimate customer experience. This design introduces several fresh ideas encompassing shopping scenarios,  immersive, reactive and interactive technologies. 

Sonic Bar is an environment for social networking  and a place for customers to indulge in gaming to win products or points for product purchases. They can exercise their talents while belting a few tunes with their favorite Live Band in the VIRGIN LIVE THEATRE.  Sonic Bar's Virgin Live is sponsored by Virgin Mega  supporting Waxapple Band's live transmission performance from a Hollywood, California's hot club Knitting Factory.

RFID driven Sattelite Bar's Listening and Shopping Stations. The customer has the luxury of hearing tracks from their favorite musical genre.   As the
one approaches any of the three Sonic Bars sensors picks up the presence of the shopper and triggers music to play.  While customers may be sitting side by side, each listening to perfectly calibrating audio using Panphonics Sound Shower speaker technology.  This sound has a focused cone of sound and is extremely controlled . . . headphones have gone away and other music enthusiasts can enjoy their own musical experience not hearing their neighbors music on either side.

But music is not the only thing behind this store.  Through the use of special Photo high tech imagery (Sky Factory) the shoppers moods are being affected subliminally, bringing about a sensory experience that adds another dimension to their visit within this store. 

To provide a more specific understanding of this particular shopping experience, let's pick a favorite musical genre...say "Jazz".  Clik on the song of choice and we begin to here it play.  While listening to the track one begins to experience other sensory things.  The scent of tobacco, leather chairs, perhaps bourbon dipped cigars penetrates the air.  Other Jazz-related products appear on the monitor.  An online furniture manufacturer offers a 1940's Parisian-inspired leather furniture collection appears.  Or the scenario
offers tickets for the group you have chosen, appearin
g locally in the near future.  All of these things would relate to your choice of genre.  Instead of just coming to the store for music one is offered all kinds of things related to your musical interests.  This is totally a different experience than one would receive from simply downloading music online at home.

Design language established throughout this store is is intended to create a new orientation for the shopper.  It is significantly more open and realigns the typical priorities utilized in most retailers  The Sonic Bar is designed to evoke the element of discovery.  There are many more things one benefits by visiting a physical store that is alive and dynamic.  It is not just another big box filled with static fixtures stocked with products,  Sonic Bar moves, breathes, communicates right from the second one steps foot
into it.

Hybridia Design worked with technologies Microsoft and many other industry leading technology companies.  (TouchTV,  Ecast,
Creative Communications, Cactus, Vectorform, First Data, Clevatec,  Intava)

Millwork was manufactured by Park Millworking Inc and worked
closely under the creative direction of Hybridia Design.

Other contributors were Omnova, Wilsonart,

Click on the image above and see a clip and visual walk through of Sonic Bar done by Customer Experience Magazine.

The above images are HD's 3D modeling of the Sonic Bar's
conceptual development.  We are able to communicate all details
of the space and scenario situations to all parties who worked with

Below is the Virgin Live Theater, where Live music was transmitted onto a series of monitors, allowing the audience
a musical experience that otherwise would not be had if they
were shopping for music at home.


Click on the image below to view Waxapple's performance produced for live transmission within Sonic Bar's Virgin Live Theater.  Also see what Jamie Coakley says about Hybridia Design's work.

Above image is looking paste a large 12' photo mural wall into another.  These animated image of people indulging in their love
of music listening wrap the total perimeter of the Sonic Bar environment.  It communicates all personalities and the music community as a whole.

Below image is the actual Sonic Bar itself.  A place where social networking can take place as well as engaging in interactivity with
TouchTV's gesture sensitive shopping station. With both of these technologies, it allows the customer to easily navigate naturally and simply by sweeping their hand across the surface.  Fun and effective.  

At the end of the counter attached to the Sonic Bar are two components called Xitpoll.  These 6 button touch units provide the
Sonic Bar shopper to respond to what they enjoyed or didn't as they complete their shopping.  Upon completion the infomation is
gathered by a data system Clevatec, formatted into a report and sent via email to the retailer for observations.  Retailers can respond to the customers input and also change questions on the Xitpoll units on the fly (real time!).

CLICK on image below to see Advertising Age's Video Coverage online. A video player screen will appear. 
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