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The Ultimate Pop Up Boutique was designed as a response to the digital age in retail, but more importantly how young shoppers are socially networked.  As in all of Hybridia Design's  Future  Retail projects, identifying issues  meaningful  for the changes  in retail  d
esign and  customer experience.

This Boutique holds a number of characteristics intended to draw in 17-24 year old shoppers ( Millenials and LOHAS / Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) and  provide an environment that let's them be  exactly  where  they want to be
. . . socially networking. The image above is one of the first concept 3D models Hybridia Design had developed. The view is looking down upon the space showing entrance way and part of the Ultra Lounge.. See more below.  Also see our Forbes article on Social Retailing and Future Fitting Room Technology (located in under the Buzz Tab.

Below you will see various technologies applied within a futuristic series of pods.  Each represents a specific boutique business and is harnessed by things like RFID mirror shopping experience /  within the Nanette Lepore Boutique the shopper is able to try on clothing  in front of a mirror.  While standing there, she can opt in to have other customers seated at a viewable design station
located in the Social Networking Ultra Lounge.  They can offer their comments and recommendations.  Those responses from the Ultra Lounge responders would appear upon the mirror as text messages would on a cell phone.

Another pod housed a Virtual Vapor Floating Kiosk called Fogscreen /  here the customer would view a fashion show in midair.  Within this vertical touchable surface buttons are visible to touch through and shop for the latest Ben Sherman Collection of clothing and accessories.  This vapor panel has no physical footprint and allows the customer to pass through it at whim.

Digital communications and entertainment is also a large part of this store design.  X07's content not only delivers selling information, but also experiential imagery representing X07 Pop Up Boutique's own personality.

Lastly, Hybridia Design felt it essential to support the growing importance of sustainability (Being Green).  Hence, our theme for the X07 was "Green with Enthusiasm".  We utilized re-capture, re-purposed and recyclable materials wherever possible in constructing fixtures and millwork. The majority of the Fashion and Accessories products were made from green materials or supported by some type Green methods of manufacturing.

Hybridia Design worked closely with L.L Bean to develop a Green biking Pod, which circled around the a cleaner and healthier means of transportation.  . . .If one preferred a motorized vehicle as their means of transportation, Toyota presented their new Hybrid SUV in the X07 Auto Pod. 

So this store design enveloped several components of design, global trends and new direction that retailers were to consider as they move forward in developing their stores.  Retail stores no longer are just about housing and selling products, but a reflection and reaction to what shoppers and human being desire.  Creating innovative and meaningful environments that are a response to life is the ideation platform retailers must contemplate to acquire and maintain their customers.

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