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 Paradise Springs Winery
Clifton, Virginia
  Richard R. Russo's
   Painting Collection

Painting are on exhibit at Paradise Springs Wine Tasting
Barn.  Purchases  can be made directly through Art by Richard R. Russo.   Please call 703-626-9482 or email your contact information to Hybridia@aol.com attention Richard

Richard's paintings are executed in acrylic paints and applied in a glazing technique. This Classical means of painting takes on           rich characteristics of a finely executed oil on canvas.                 Colors are painted in layers glazed with a gloss water-based varnish.  The result
delivers brilliance and luminosity.
Each painting possesses a strong dimensional quality and reflects that of classical old world painting.
All paintings are priced for painted canvas only .  Those painting which are framed will convey as a gift from the artist.  Paintings that are exhibited without frames or commissions will be the clients responsibility for framing.
We accept Credit Cards / Visa, Discovery 
Mastercard,  Amex,  and more.

Call us for you own personal or commercial commissions. Richard can handle any subject matter from landscapes, still life, architectural's to equestrians, animals and portraiture.  Mediums run the gamut from oils, watercolours, acrylics to pen and ink, graphite and pastel.

We can work with each clients independent project and budget. Call us to discuss you interests.

    o . 703 . 266 . 3929   c . 703 . 626 . 9482
        Hybridia Design       
     7251 Archlaw Drive  .  Clifton  .  Virginia  .  20124

                      Paradise Springs Magical Lantern 
   The lantern is handmade especially for the vineyard and  is 
   back-dropped by the vineyards vines and pavilion.  Done in an
   acrylic paint glazing technique and finished with a clear water-
   based varnish.  Framed in a 3 1/2" molding frame and ready   
   to hang.  ( Available. Please call for pricing  703-266-3929 or

              Paradise Springs Winery / First Harvest Series

   Drew during the first bushel of Cabernet Franc grapes being
   dropped into the pickup truck crate. 

              Paradise Springs Winery  First Harvest Series
                                From Vine to Cabin
    This captures the vineyard and cabin at once from the actual
    grapevines within the vineyard.  The historic cabin is Jane
    Kinchloe's special place on the vineyard.

                          Paradise Springs / Graphite Series

    This is one of 6 graphite on paper images of views around the
    cabin.  This is a view seated at the wrought iron table and
    looking at the cabin porch back to the historic red barn.

                          Paradise Springs / Graphite Series

    This is graphite on paper images.  This again is another
    view looking at the cabin porch.

                         Paradise Springs / Graphite Series

    This is graphite on paper.  This is a view of the cast iron
    bench and table located on the cabin porch.

                    Paradise Springs / Graphite Series

    This is graphite on paper.  This is a view of the barrel,

                     Paradise Springs / Graphite Series

    This is graphite on paper.  This is a rear view of the cabin
    looking toward the porch.

                        Paradise Springs / Graphite Series




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