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Retail Design, Visual Merchandising, Store Design
and Conceptual Design Development

Affiliate Member /
American Institute of America (AIA)
Member /
National Retail Federation (NRF)

This Future Store concept was designed to merge design and technology for a greater customer experience.
National Retail Federation commissioned Hybridia Design to develop an upscale gourmet store for the retail industry. They would witness how technology could further enhance store promotion, communication and experiential situations as a customers shop.

Working with Microsoft, IBM, RDM, LG and many other technology companies, HD had orchestrated scenarios throughout.   HD elevated the shoppers ability to acquire pertinent information on products, receive cross-selling and up-selling information on products and making purchases with ease through the use of RFID.

HD designed a virtual kitchen for Mario Batali.   This kitchen was able to communicate things about products which were being used in Batali's cooking presentation. It then allowed customer's to take away with a list of items needed to make that meal on their own.   Along with Mario's kitchen, HD also created a Virtual Recipe Library, where one could access information on recipes to find ingredients.   As the shopper acquires the list of ingredients, they are offered as a loyal customer coupons which would be specific to their recipes and past food and wine interests.

A Wine Cave was designed where a customer could shop for wines and learn about each as they picked each bottle from the shelf.   Through the use of RFID, monitors placed above all shelves, would communicate several important things. Information about the wines maker, type of wine and other wines the customer may enjoy as an alternative.   These monitors also recommended cheeses and chocolate, as well as matches for the wine of choice.This communication system could also recommend the type of glass one should use when indulging.   A total experience was provided for the customer while taking the pain out of learning about products.

From a design stand point, Hybridia Design always focuses on elements of the organic. The use of a darker wood substrate challenges the typically light-washed supermarket, ladened with metal freezers and shelves.   A double-sided waterfall 20' high cascaded water down its stone walls, while flanked with world spring water products.   Bottles and bottles where merchandised on shelves sending a softer sell message about the product that resided.   Instead of a Starbucks shop within this store, HD opted to create a COCO Cafe. Sleek caselines of exotic chocolate products provided a gallery style presentation.   A chocolate fountain flowed all day long for customers to try a hand-dipped chocolate strawberry or other fruits of choice.   Club chairs were placed within the space to maximize the idea of a special place to treat ones self


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