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Hybridia Design accepted Bizerba's project to develop a dynamic branding image solution.  Bizerba's products are produced to fulfill a total host of food industry machines such as high tech scales.  Their underlying concentration is to bring extensive communications and information to the consumer as well as providing other functional products that are not directed to front of the house operations.

The mission for HD was to reflect a sophisticated image, communicate sustainability and finally design an exhibit as a lounge-like environment.

This space is a 20'l x 10'd footprint.  There were many limitations as the depth of the space and show standard parameters set the tone.  HD never approaches a conference / trade show space as a "booth".  We look as these spaces as exhibit areas.  We also shed the use of typical booth system construction options which force many exhibitors look cloned.

In this world of heavy competition, company that sell like classifications appear very similar regardless of how different they may really be.  While many exhibitors look at the bottom line to drive their marketing vehicles, it is never the way to drive great innovations or yield effective results.  Bizerba's management understood the value of break away from standards that are well over used.

Hybridia Design's departure was to lay a mosaic of inferences that suggest the ideas that represent this client's product philosophies.  As you view these images design language used spins off from the old weights and measures components.  Individual cylindrical shapes are repeated throughout.  Introduction of Aquariums holding orange Goldfish support the idea of life and the earths water.  Flooring made of stone pebbles creates an organic component and encompass the space with an element of warmth.  Curved backlit sweeping graphics on the wall represent wind and fresh air and possibly a symbol of moving water.

Rolling ottomans allow flexible reconfiguration of seating bases on how many people are present. Articulating armed tables are cantilevered off the sides of both circular seating areas.  This provides a surface for laptop users.  HD has also created additional laptop panels which are stored in slots which are located at the base of the Cafe Bar Aquarium stand.

Within the Cafe Bar location there are three rolling cylinders which have a translucent green bar surface and under lit with defused LED lighting.  The serving bar shaped and detailed the same way only allowing for bottles to be store in the belly.   The two other units provide a clear plexi enclosed compartment where exhibitor fills them with green apples as a give away.

Lastly, a scent system cycles emits scents throughout the space.  Those present in the exhibit experience a stream of air, water, pine trees and other earth-related scents. So this space becomes sensory and immersive.


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