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Visual Merchandising Design is sometimes viewed as an add-on to store design.  This is the biggest misconception  even some of the most seasoned of retail veterans.

Visual Merchandising is a key aspect in creating successful retail entities.  It provides tools to communicate to your audience, organizes your shoppers shopping experience and elevates customer experience to its optimum.

Establishing excellence in retail requires a total course of action which must be employed. . . solid store design, intelligent marketing strategies,  branding  and visual merchandising.  All four of these areas should be contemplated as a whole.

Hybridia Design integrates Visual Merchandising into all of it's retail projects.  We develop VM approaches that are most appropriate each Clients specific needs.  Once conceptual design is created, a VM documentation can be made (A Manual).  This documentation would work as a  directive for the clients organization and its employees.

We welcome new Clients to initially have HD develop a program/s and to consider us to continually develop this VM  Program as time and retail industry changes.
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