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Affiliate Member /
American Institute of America (AIA)
Member /
National Retail Federation (NRF)

Richard R. Russo's several decades of professional experience in communications, retail and hospitality design gave way to the creation of Hybridia Design. 

In a growing global economy, H.D.'s mission is to share dynamic and innovative solutions.  New and existing businesses looking to achieve results, and increase their image within any competitive environment have found the source to do just that.

Richard R. Russo, founder of HD has been the Creative Director of Polo Shop Development for Polo Ralph Lauren, Vice President / Creative Director for Hecht's / May Co., Visual Merchandising Design Executive for Macy's / Bamberger's and  Designer / Illustrator for Talone and Lebraska Design Studio. 

ver 35 years HD has worked with a diverse network of creatives, service suppliers and manufacturer affiliates, who
are not simply focused on design, but additionally understand business.  We build relationships and deliver professionalism
at all levels of a project.  We continue to maintain strong relationships with these families of professionals in order to
serve our clients better.

Hybridia Design delivers the highest standard of professional and creative integrity to its Clients. Understanding large and small company challenges is part of our equation.  Our knowledge delivers results.

Upon commissioning our services, our clients will witness the respect and attention one would wish.  Although we believe in the potential of up and coming junior talents,  our Clients will shake hands with the principal and know their project will be developed with a seasoned professional. 

Hybridia Designs credo is innovation, integrity, global awareness, committed to excellence.

Richard R. Russo is a graduate of Pratt Institute, NYC

Richard also spent several years of study with renowned ad agencies, such as Young and Rubicam and Ogilvy and Mather.

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