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Retail Design, Visual Merchandising, Store Design
and Conceptual Development

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Ford Motor Corporation had focused on a way to capture a younger market niche.  Ford determined to open a cross classification lifestyle boutique that would sell Auto Accessories by lifestyle integrating soft goods and fashion .  Flexivity targeted young adult customers who's interest ranged from extreme sports to the road warrior to the young
executive.  Specific lifestyles where developed to appeal to these diverse interests and were designed into a space that would make it exciting for customers pick the items most appropriate for their taste.

Hybridia Design was commissioned to creative direct and design fixturing systems, creative merchandising, lifestyle statements and overall merchandising direction.  HD collaborated on this project to bring its expertise and understanding of unique approaches for a long line of products.

With a mix of diverse product representing everything from soft goods (clothing, bags, backpacks), to hard goods (fashion accessories, novelty items and small auto accessories) to large auto accessories ( chromes wheels, side pipes, roof rack etc).   HD worked with a marketing team to develop 6 different lifestyles that would allow one to custom pick items they could add to their personally designed auto.  Each lifestyle would appeal to different interests.  For instance, if you interest was surfing, one would be able to add neoprine seating, rubberized carpets and woody-like wood door panels to their vehicle.  All of this could be put together as the customer sat at one of Flexivity's design pods.   Upon completion o the customers choices of vehicle and all of its details, a CD could be burned at a CD burning station and take the disc home to share with friends.



Flexivity is an environment that provides a place for customers to socialize, hang out in the magazine lounge with their friends . . .  and then progress to the Auto Design Pod.  This store is open but a defined. It has spaces within a space that are accentuated through the use of fixture configurations or architectural definition.

Above is a glimpse of Flexivity's Design Pods.  A cool comfy 15' long workstation where each customer could sit and create their dream automobile.

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