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The above storefront is located in Penns Landing within Washington DC's historical revitalization area.  This intimate location takes on a very traditional exterior and is contrasted with a minimalistically designed interior.


Shown above is interior and exterior plan of Mia Gemma's space.  The space was challenging due to the unusual alcove window areas and the  ability  to  fixture  them  without  confining  the  shopper.

HD creating floating wall mounted cases. These wall fixtures were complimented by the balance of fixtures designed in an oval design language.  A  gallery  style  merchandise  standard  was  set  to communicate a sophisticated and elegant feel to the boutique.

Trademark triple gem-like squares were designed into the front of
all fixtures.  They were also back-lit as well as a green gel panel designed  into the  bottom  of  each  wall  mounted  case.   As  daylight disappeared from the exterior windows these back-lit gels would emit a mystical light further enhancing the interior space.
This  lighting  approach  also  opened  up these  very small alcove window areas, making the space more welcoming.

A pale green 68" Murano crystal bohemian chandelier suspends
on center to the total space and provides ambience to the entryway.


The interior space was handled with an element of minimalism.  Two key colors Aubergine Red and  Pale Green were applied to walls as well as fixtures.

The central feature wall and custom designed oval case are on center to the entrance way.  Flanked on right and left corners are
two round vitrine tables encasing jewelry collections and classified by artist. At the bottom of the oval case are three gem-like back-lit  gels which also appear on wall mounted cases.  All fixtures, walls and tables were custom designed by Hybridia Design.


Shown above is one of two window alcoves that also serve as
part of the boutiques shopping space.  HD focused on creating as much openness as possible.  We also reduced much of the visual noise imposed by fire sprinklers, heating ducts and other electrical components all enclosed within ceiling and wall areas.

To the right is one of two Curator Tables also custom designed by HD. These tables provide a seating area where a shopper can place their selections, pull down a suspended pulley driven mirror and enjoy what is most important . . . the customer experience.

Swarovski Crystal wall sconces sit above each Curator Table along with a digital frame.  These frames scroll through an array of jewelry artists and their most recent creations.


As one enters the walkway towards an inset entrance, shown above is the visual that would occur on both sides.  This wall mount case was intentionally designed to deliver the perception of more floor space.  By using lighting and clip corner details we were able to accomplish our open space objective.

Just to the left of the fixture is an 8' aubergine colored curtain.  This curtain frames the register area and softens our minimalistic efforts.  We wanted to introduce textures that allow for good visual tension.

mia gemma -original store space and loc.

Above four images are the former retail interior space and location for Mia Gemma.  This store was located in Alexandria, VA.  This space had used standard cases to present product and  added other items to provide store personality.

Mia Gemma also had products other than jewelry and required more than jshow cases.  This is  a before series of images at old location designed by client themselves.  Images above this set of four are Hybridia Design's design solution  transitioningMia Gemma into a totally new
and appropriately sophisticated  environment.

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